Focuses on diagnosing and treating disorders of the circulation of the brain, neck, and spine.  Located at the Saint Luke's Hospital Plaza Facility, our team evaluates and treats outpatients, hospitalized patients, and emergency room patients.
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Advantages of seeing a neurointerventional specialist at Saint Luke's Hospital:


Not all physicians performing neurointerventional procedures are specifically trained to perform these procedures.  Rather these physicians have branched out from treating circulatory problems of the heart, limbs or trunk to treating disorders of the brain.  Our physicians were trained in accredited fellowships specifically to perform diagnostic and treatment procedures of the neck, brain, and spine.


Our team of physicians seeks to provide services round the clock, all days of the year. Timeliness is particularly important for patients with stroke. When medical therapy is failing, an emergency intervention can be lifesaving.


Our physicians perform the vast majority of neurointerventional procedures in the greater Metro area. As such our physicians have Kansas City's greatest experience in treating aneurysms, stroke and arterial blockages of the neck and brain. This experience grows out of Saint Luke’s Hospital’s long standing commitment to comprehensive stroke care. This commitment has resulted in Saint Luke’s leading the nation in the proportion of patients receiving intervention for stroke.


Our team provides outpatient follow up for our treated patients. This follow up aids patients and their primary care physician in managing questions or medical issues related to the interventional procedure.


We are located at Saint Luke's Neuroscience Institute of Kansas City, on the Country Club Plaza. Saint Luke's Neuroscience Institute receives patients from over 80 hospitals within a 250 mile radius. The Neuroscience Institute cares for patients with all neurological and neurosurgical diseases including stroke, brain aneurysms, brain tumors, epilepsy, dementia, spine fractures, disk herniations, and disorders the peripheral nerves.

Neurointerventional Procedures



Angiography is the basis of most neurointerventional procedures. Click on the heading Angiography to learn more about this medical procedure.


Stroke Therapy

In addition to standard medical therapy for a stroke, a neurointerventional procedure can be performed to open up blocked arteries restoring blood flow to dying brain tissue.


Aneurysm Treatment

Neurointerventional embolization procedures can greatly reduce the risk of bleeding and stroke from brain aneurysms.



Narrowed arteries of the neck and brain may be treated by angioplasty and stenting



Fractures of the spine due to osteoporosis (weak bones) or cancer can often be treated by injecting bone-cement into the vertebra.


The Neurointerventional Team

Our team is Dr. Brian Chin, Jessica Kelsey, R.N.,
Dr. Naveed Akhtar, Dr. Coleman Martin,
and Dr. William Holloway. Read More.


We are located at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City, on the Country Club Plaza.

4401 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64111

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Appointments are made by Jessica Kelsey, RN. She may be reached by telephone Monday through Friday 8 to 5 at (816) 932-2549.

New Patients

New patients should be referred by their primary care physician, neurologist, ophthalmologist or neurosurgeon.  On the first visit, patients should be prepared to bring medical records, a referral letter, and X-rays and scans.


Records may be sent in
advance to:

Department of Radiology, A Level
4401 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64111

Records and correspondence may be faxed to (816) 932-5753.

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